The Method For Dispelling Illusions

Any imperfect condition is an illusion. We can say that God creates perfection and human beings create imperfection. The imperfection we create is not real, though. It is all imaginary. When we relate with the imaginary as if it is reality we live in illusion.

No rational human being will argue against the fact that human beings are capable of conjuring up a false picture of reality and believing that picture to be true. We have all been fooled by a smooth talker into a false belief in that person’s trustworthiness. We have all felt certain that something was going to happen, only to be surprised by the opposite taking place. We have all misled others, intentionally or unintentionally, and similarly we have all been misled by others.

People live in all sorts of illusions. Some live in the illusion of their life being less valuable than another person’s life. Some believe in their inferiority, while others in their superiority. Some believe that their situation is hopeless when they are on the brink of success; while others anticipate certain triumph only to soon be disappointed. Some believe they are above the law… and then they get caught. You might live in the illusion of lack and scarcity while in reality you actually have access to the flow of infinite abundance. You might live in the illusion of being unloved even though the truth is that you are perfectly loved infinitely and eternally by the entire universe.

There is a simple sign that indicates when you are living in illusion: you are feeling the emotional discomfort or pain of seeing a condition as less than perfect having happened in the past, being present right now, or being possible in the future. That feeling of discomfort or pain informs you that you are departing from reality.

Your feelings of fear, sadness and anger are nature’s way of telling you that you are living in illusion.  You are imagining and interpreting circumstances in ways that they are not.  You are disconnecting yourself in your own mind from the Divine Love that is the One Power operating in the universe at all times.

When you get in touch with your feelings, you can feel in your body whenever you are falling for an illusion and straying from truth’s path. No one can mislead you when you accurately read your feelings in your body. There may be no more important skill that we human beings can develop than the skill of feeling our feelings with sensitive accuracy, clarity and depth. Accurate intuition speaks through the feeling of joy – harmonious, happy contentment and love flowing within.

One way of breaking through the power of illusion is through the practice of feeling our feelings fully, freely, without resistance; including our most uncomfortable feelings. Another is to contemplate the presence of perfection at work in our lives. If you knew that everything in your life is always bound to work out perfectly regardless of appearances to the contrary, how would you feel? You would feel joy at the deepest level.

At the same time, since your thoughts are ruled by your focus of attention, the only thoughts that could come to your mind would be those that reflect the possible ways that perfection can manifest in your life. Since our circumstances tend to manifest in ways that are consistent with our thoughts and feelings about them, you then find more and more manifestations of miraculous and serendipitous circumstances blossoming as your circumstances.

To effectively contemplate perfection, avoid fixating on specific outcomes. Your mind needs to go deeper than appearances, into their source. For instance, instead of thinking about having a certain amount of money in your bank, think about being always and forever supported by the universe with constant access to unlimited abundance, energy, love and intelligence. Then, while your bank account may fluctuate, your experience of reality’s perfect support remains steady.

It’s fine to consider a particular financial condition, but remember that all physical forms and circumstances change and alternate from one state to another. Perfection is a constant, and living in it provides a continuous source of joy and freedom from the constraints of lack.

The challenge with illusions is that they can be so convincing, particularly when we don’t know how to read our feelings to sense when we are caught in an illusion. We were programmed in early childhood to accept feelings of sorrow, anger and fear as normal and necessary, rather than view them as signals telling us to change our focus of attention. We were taught to generate illusions by thinking of imperfect possibilities and to believe in their reality. For instance, most of us were brought up to believe that the universe is unsafe, that things can go wrong, that our wellbeing depends upon us being in control of circumstances that always turn out to be fleeting, transitory and elusive to our grasp.

We can cling so tightly to a belief that we block ourselves from seeing our circumstances in any other way. For instance, you might cling to the belief that it is impossible to meet your obligations and fulfill your practical responsibilities while living a joyful life every moment. You might cling to the belief that outside forces prevent you from feeling as good as you want to feel. You might cling to the belief that you have to sacrifice what you really want to do with your life in order to be a “good person” who meets the needs of others.

The first step for breaking free from illusion is the deep desire to live in a brighter realm of truth, to live a more joyful life. The next step is to become self-aware enough to recognize the feeling of internal discord that signals the presence of an illusion in your consciousness The third step is to let go of that illusion, which will return you to your natural state of inner peace, harmony, joy, love and contentment. Using The Method facilitates this process with amazing effectiveness. If you feel stuck in ideas or beliefs that generate fear, sorrow or anger within you, use The Method to get free. If you feel stuck in feelings of unhappiness of any kind, and you are not sure of the cause, use The Method to become more self-aware and to liberate you from the false beliefs, desires and emotional reactions that are blocking your joy.

The five physical senses come close to registering perfection when they fall upon something that arouses feelings of profound beauty. Those experiences give us a fleeting taste of perfection. Recognize how you feel when you are witnessing a beautiful sight, hearing beautiful music, smelling a beautiful fragrance, etc. That is the feeling of the truth that underlies all of existence all of the time, regardless of appearances. Using The Method is like drawing back the blinds on a window revealing the glorious, underlying truth about your life.

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