The Method for Effective Prayer

Prayer is commonly misused based on unconsciousness of how we are using our power to create what we are praying to God to free us from.

When you pray to God to give you something you are basing that prayer on an awareness of having the very condition that you want out of.

The conflict you are setting up here lies in the fact that your creative power flows through the focus of your awareness. Whatever you give your attention to is what you are creating in your experience.

So, when you pray to God, say, to improve your financial situation, or to bring a loving companion into your life, or even to improve your health you are using the creative power of your awareness to hold onto the very condition that you want changed.

Any condition that you are worried about is actually a manifestation of that worry. Let’s say that you are worried about a financial shortfall, and desperately pray to God to grant you more income to avoid or to get you out of that problem. The more you pray for what you are asking for, the more you are focusing on what you do not want.

What is the solution? Cease the worry and the condition you are worrying about ceases to be.

This explains why so many prayers do not seem to come true. While people ask for something with their words, they are clutching onto the opposite with the thought underlying the words!

Consistent with the saying that “God helps those who help themselves”, The Method is a means of doing our part to free ourselves from the condition that we would ask God’s help with. The Method accomplishes this by withdrawing our energy from belief in what is really not happening.

Whatever you believe is going wrong in your life is just that: a belief, and it is a false one at that. The reality is that you really do have nothing to worry about, nothing and no on to fight against, because there is nothing going wrong in your life.

But as long as you see things going wrong, you experience what you see. All of your worry is based on your imagination, but being told that does nothing to free you from your worry, nor from experiencing as real the imaginary condition you are worrying about.

Using The Method reveals the REALITY that your life is working out wonderfully for you on all levels and in all areas. There is nothing to fear and nothing to resist. It’s all going your way.

Effective prayer in this situation is one of gratitude. Be prayerfully grateful for how wonderfully your life is flowing. There is a Universal Principle that whatever you feel grateful for increases in your experience.

Feeling truly grateful to God for the fact that all of your deepest desires are being fruitfully fulfilled, and in a measure that will bring you overwhelming gladness, accepts Divine Energy into that process of fruition. At the same time it gives you the blessed joy of feeling your loving connection with the Divine.

So The Method for effective prayer involves releasing your grasp on the negative conditions you would pray for release from; then expressing prayerful gratitude for the over-abundance of fulfillment of your heart’s desire, which is really just a spontaneously overflow of love that springs from your heart as you experience the release achieved through The Method.

Contact me to schedule a time for your demonstration of The Method for releasing the conditions that you feel anxious, unhappy or frustrated by, via phone or Skype. The session lasts around 20 minutes and results are immediate.

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