The Method for Living in Perfection

To FEEL that everything is perfect you really only need one thing in your life to happen in a wonderful way. It may be the birth of your child or when you feel yourself in love with a significant other. It may be one of your first rides in your new car or the first day of a beautiful vacation. That event sends you into blissful gratitude in which you can’t see or feel anything really wrong with the world, with life, with yourself.

Living in that state of perfection is extremely beneficial. It causes your life-circumstances to reflect it, meaning that the conditions of your life seem to improve on their own.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to live in that state of perfection proactively and unconditionally? We would not only live in a state of pepetuaal joy, we would witness the effortless improvement of our circumstances.

This is what using The Method accomplishes. It frees us from dependency upon anything in particular happening for us to live in that wonderful feeling state of perfection, and to find our situations and relationships effortlessly reflecting, validating and supporting that state.

The Method works by clearing our consciousness of the false, pre-programed beliefs and negative emotional reaction patterns that conceal the actual, ever-present state perfection from us.

We are so quick to judge our circumstances. We see someone driving a nicer car and think of our situation as inferior. We see someone attractive and our desire tells us that we are missing something in our lives without that person.

But what if these perspectives of imperfection are illusory? What if what happens to you is always perfect for you, and what happens to everyone is perfect for them? What if there is really only one standard by which the universe operates, and that is perfection, despite any appearances or logic to the contrary?

You would never need to worry, never envy, never feel disappointed, never reqret. You would accept what is without the resistance of fear. You would allow life to happen rather than struggle to make anything happen.

You would consistently expect safety, abundance and joy-filled outcomes and that is what you would receive.

Perfection is a feeling. You might notice a visible imperfection relative to a given standard, but the feeling of everything being perfect is still available to you. Living in that feeling makes the appearance of imperfection nothing to feel badly about.

You can fix a broken pipe, refine a sentence, make an improvement in your schedule without going through the negative feelings of anything going wrong, or of any possibility of anything going wrong. You can see the actions you take as ways of improving upon the perfection that already exists.

While it seems to contradict logic, the experience of perfection can improve. We can exprience perfection at higher and higher levels, filling us with more and more joy.

The more you live in the feeling of perfection, the more that feeling expands, and the more perfection you see in your life.

Living in perfection means feeling and knowing that whatever happens will be just right for you, and whatever doesn’t happen will also be just right for you. You accept a delay to your plans as nothing to resist. You regard things turning out differently than you hoped they would as something equal to or better than what you wanted.

Accept whatever happens as something that makes you better off than if anything else happened in its place. This is the wisoom of perfection, but it is unattainable on any sort of consistent basis because our negative programming is so strong and deep.

How much time have you spent believing that you would be better off if something else was happening, or beating yourself up for not making something else happen?

Through the use of The Method that programming disappears. You no longer need to put yourself through that suffering and you can accept the principle of ever-present perfection in your life.

You can fully and freely enjoy the present just the way that it is.

And you no longer have to struggle or strive to be or to appear different from who you authentically are. You can finally freely accept and love yourself fully just as you truly are.

You don’t have to make what is happening perfect by taking advantage of the opportunities. The perfection is already here. It’s just a matter of your freedom to accept perfection as your experience in this moment. This freedom is progressively achieved through The Method.

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