The Method for Ending the Negative Thinking Epidemic

Negative thinking is a disease, and it is as rampant as the most virulent epidemic. Just notice how many fearful, angry, depressing thoughts latch onto your mind and rattle your emotions each day. Do you think your neighbor is in any better mental shape? Most likely not.

Wouldn’t you think the world would be free from negative thinking by now? The virtues of positive thinking have been extolled for ages; just as the costs of negative thinking have been decried. Let’s look at some:

  • Negative thinking makes you unhappy.
  • Negative thinking makes you irritable and difficult to get along with.
  • Negative thinking creates more of what you don’t want in your life, based on the principle that you bring about what you think about.
  • By rattling your emotions negative thinking radiates chaotic energy into your environment causing mishaps, mix-ups and mess-ups to abound.
  • Negative thinking causes our anger to flare, driving us into conflict, including violent and even deadly assaults.

Yet, while the argument for eliminating negative thought is entirely convincing, it has not to any degree diminished the amount of negative thinking going on in the world. So what is wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong is that we have been counting on motivation to change our thought patterns, as if the reason we think negatively is that we are just not motivated enough to change.

You have probably done your very best to think positive and leave negative thinking behind, but those negative thoughts continue to hound you into sleepless nights, worried days, angry arguments, years of seething resentments, and vicious mental self-attacks against your self.-worth

What has been needed is not a persuasive argument but an effective method that we can employ to gain freedom from negativity. Well, what has been needed has finally arrived. It is called The Method.

The Method enables us to uncover and release the energy from our negative thought-patterns. We can then direct that freed up energy into the positive applications of loving ourselves and others unconditionally and produce what it is that we desire in our lives.

The Method “unplugs” negative thinking from its power source. As a thought loses its power it ceases to be. As that happens, all of the problems, threats and difficulties that we have felt burdened by disappear. We no longer feel powerless. Deep feelings of joy fill our days as feelings of security and fulfillment grant us deeply restful nights.

Every day the epidemic of negative thinking is causing just about everyone in the world to feel sad, insecure, resentful, overwhelmed and victimized. It causes millions if not billions of people to suffer with the anxiety of financial insecurity and the dismay of relationship discord.

The Method is a way to finally end the epidemic of negative thinking and all of the misery it produces and not just one person at a time. As each is individual is released into greater happiness, the burden of unhappiness is somewhat lifted for everyone else, for happiness, like unhappiness, is contagious. And we can define happiness as the natural condition that ensues when one is free from a negative thought.

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