The Method for Improving Any Area of Your Life

The only real way to make improvements in your life is through the dissolution of the false, limiting beliefs about yourself that block your joyful realization of your glorious true nature, which is essentially unlimited.

As you realize more of your intrinsic greatness your situations change to match, affirm and validate that.

Your circumstances are always consistent with what you believe to be true about who you really are. Disappointing situations indicate a belief that you are incapable, weak, helpless, dependent.

Until you dis-identify with that belief about your self, any effort you make to improve your situation through physical action must prove to be temporarily and superficially successful at best, and actually quite futile, leading you into a deeper belief in your inadequacy and deeper feelings of disappointment about your circumstances.

Any negative beliefs that you harbor about yourself lurk like time bombs hidden in the dark, waiting to explode into smithereens any level of achievement that is inconsistent with those beliefs.

Your life-circumstances are exact reflections of your beliefs about yourself and no amount of effort that you make to improve your life can override the authority of this principle.

What you believe to be true about your self at a core level is the real cause of your life’s current circumstances.

You may seem to be riding high today, but if your secret beliefs about yourself contradict your high level of achievement your ride is fleeting because it relies upon a flimsy foundation that cannot withstand the internal force working against it.

All of our painful emotions point to a negative belief about ourselves. When you feel sad, angry, betrayed, envious, jealous, insecure, resentful, your emotion stems from a belief in your inadequacy. No matter how hard you trry to fix your external circumstances to make you feel better, those circumstances cannot improve until you improve your view of you.

The real you is actually entirely adequate to meet your every need. As you accept and empower THIS view of you, your circumstances automatically shift to be consistent with it. The conditions you tried to produce to help you feel better about yourself automatically manifest when you feel good enough about yourself.

All negative beliefs about ourselves are learned. They therefore can be unlearned. The pattern of counting on our circumstances to give us positive beliefs about ourselves is also learned; and it’s also something we need to unlearn.

Counting on circumstances and other people to prop up your positive feelings about yourself sets you up for a fall.

Your beliefs about yourself draw you into situations and relationships that can only mirror, validate and reinforce those beliefs. You cannot depend upon a person or a situation treating you in a way that is inconsistent with how you see yourself.

Our positive perception of ourselves needs to be unconditional and dependent upon noone and nothing outside of ourselves for us to find ourselves in situations and relationships consistent with that self-perception.

So if there is any area of your life that you would like to see improvement in, the “place” to begin is with your view of you. How you see yourself deep down inside my improve before you can see any real, meaningful lasting improvement in your relationships and circumstances.

The challenge here is that our self-view, our limiting beliefs about ourselves are typically unconscious. We only know that they are present by the frustrating, disappointing and difficult situations that show up in our lives. We know they are present when we feel stuck, blocked, held back from making any real progress in one or more areas of our life.

This is where The Method comes in and proves its priceless value. It is a simple, effective way to quickly uncover and release from the negative, limiting beliefs about ourselves that keep us from experiencing more joy and forward movement in our lives.

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