The Method for Expressing Your Gifts and Talents

Do you have the courage to give your life to the fullest and freest expression of your divine gifts and talents? What are those gifts and talents? Where do you feel the most inspired? Is it in writing, dancing, painting, business, military leadership, law, healing, scientific research, spiritual unfoldment?

It is said that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but it is also true that your divine gifts and talents are the means through which your soul flows out into the world to bless it by lifting us all into the heights of your inspiration.

Do you feel your joy has been shut down by a life of toil, obligation and drudgery? Have you sacrificed your joy on the altar of what you believe to be necessity? Have you shut down your inspiration to please someone else, to maintain another’s approval, to avoid hurting your parents or letting your children down?

Your life-path of joy is through the expression of your divine gifts and talents. And as you connect the world with that true path of yours you take the world on it. In other words, as much joy as your expression of your divine gifts and talents releases in you it releases in others, making this universe a happier place to live in.

It is the nature of joy to ignite the belief that anything wonderful is truly possible, which opens the door to the manifestation of more wonderful possibilities. This is part of the gift that your expression of your gifts and talents brings to you and to the world. It raises us all into the belief in the infinite possibilities of a universe and releases us to translate those possibilities into realities.

So why does it take so much courage to give our lives to the full expression of our gifts and talents? We believe that we have to be more responsible than being an uplifter of the hearts and minds of humanity. We believe that it is not practical to risk living a life of joy. We have been taught that survival, let alone thriving in an economic sense, requires the oppression of our gifts and talents, our joy and inspiration. We have been taught to give up our soul to gain the whole world.

How much misery and heartache has this belief that operates in the life-choices in so many brought to the world – this suppression of our joy-song? It is certainly at the root of drug and alcohol problems, where pathetically oppressed and depressed individuals seek solace from the soul-stunting suppression of their inspired path of genius, having sacrificed their inspiration to satisfy a false sense of obligation.

Are you ready to throw off those shackles from your life? Are you willing to bet it all on the path of joy and inspiration, on a life that feeds and shares your essence, your soul? By doing so you fuel the inspiration of everyone else to lead a life of joy and love. Can you think of a greater service?

Beyond this you permit yourself to make the great discovery that the universe is actually set up for you to succeed along the path that expresses your gifts and talents to the utmost. It is set up for your joy. But only those who base their lives on joy get to find this out!

If you are ready, but find it difficult, The Method can help you. Using The Method you gain freedom from the early childhood programming that drove you into a life of sorrowful obligation. That programming caused you to suppress, bury and hide your divine gifts and talents out of a fear that is based on a false belief about reality. The Method releases your programmed fearful resistance to joyful living.

Those of us who suppress our gifts and talents were taught to do so, taught that this was the sensible, practical and realistic way to happiness (doesn’t that seem ridiculous when you look at it that way?).

And yet, it is through the free and full expression of our gifts and talents that we make the universe a happier place to live in, for all of us, and release the higher possibilities in the lives of us all.

Contact me to schedule a time for your demonstration of The Method to help you experience the liberation of your joy and real inner security. The session lasts around 20 minutes and results are immediate.

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