The Method For Feeling Completely Secure About Everything

One great thing about The Method is that it takes you to a “place” of feeling completely secure about your finances, about your relationships, about your life as a whole. Beyond how wonderfully peaceful and satisfying this feels, based on the principle of reflection it causes your circumstances to form in ways that are wonderfully consistent with those deeply harmonious feelings.

Your feeling of total security relative to your finances, for instance, means that your financial conditions will unfold in ways that validate, support and reinforce those feelings.

Using The Method frees you to experience the positive feelings you want from your circumstances. This frees you from depending upon your circumstances to enjoy those feelings. Beyond this, those positive feelings cause the very circumstances you thought you needed to have first in order to feel the way you want to.

There may be no more empowering and responsible way to feel than entirely secure about those aspects of your life that you care about the most. And yet, it seems that most of us feel the most anxious and insecure in those areas, as if worrying was the most responsible thing to do.

As much sense as it makes to feel entirely secure, though, those who worry really cannot stop. Anxiety is not easy to change, no matter how much sense it makes to leave it behind. In fact, for me, it used to be impossible. I knew the wisdom of feeling and thinking positive. I just couldn’t do it consistently… until I discovered The Method.

Using The Method we can do what we know. We can apply the wisdom of positive feeling and thinking to experience all the joy, success and abundance that we used to grope for with anxiety and stress.

Of course you cannot find joy and inner peace along a path of unhappy insecurity, but most of us seem to be following that path just the same. It’s not because of a lack of intelligence; it’s because of the lack of a method, a way, of getting free of insecurity for empowerment and joy.

Now we have such a way; we have The Method. After using The Method to take the energy out of feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, and negative anticipation we find ourselves free to feel completely secure. It is then just a matter of allowing ourselves to dwell in that wonderful feeling by simply resting the focus of our attention on it.

One of the feelings that comes with feeling secure is the absence of any sense of drama going on in your life. This can take some getting used to. It seems that millions of people are addicted to the energy of drama for the stimulation it brings. They seem to believe that without the drama there is no significance to their lives. The Method can be used to gain liberation from this addiction, and that means the freedom to experience the authentic sense of meaning and purpose and joy that comes from profound states of inner peace.

If you are ready to leave behind the drama of continual or routinely recurring crisis in your life, ready to enjoy the state of true inner peace, security and empowerment, The Method is for YOU.

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