The Method For Harnessing The Power Of Positive Anticipation

Obviously you would rather feel positive anticipation than dread regarding your future. But what about those times when dread, be it mild anxiety or out-and-out terror, grabs a hold on you?

That’s where The Method comes in. It’s an elegant, simple “tool” for withdrawing the energy from negative, painful, and uncomfortable emotional states and patterns.

Beyond helping you to feel better, shifting from negative to positive anticipation is extremely practical, even crucial. You see, our emotional states are like preludes to the conditions they match up with them. Worrying about what is going to happen to you is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Positive anticipation is as well.

When you feel eager about the wonderful things in store, you feel more energized. Energy equals joy. The more energized you feel, the more joy you feel. Dread drains you of energy; it therefore causes sorrow.

Dread shuts you down to the positive possibilities of life. When you feel joyful you open yourself to more positive opportunities. Joy raises your level of creativity. It empowers you to relate to others with more love, compassion, and generosity, producing more relationship harmony. Harmonious relationships then add to your state of joyful empowerment, uplifting you even more, and the cycle of increasingly positive outcomes and experiences spins round and round.

When we depend upon the evidence of our circumstances to feel positive anticipation nothing in our lives really improves. Circumstances go up and down, taking our expectations up and down with them. So we make some progress and then find ourselves slipping back.

This see-saw life pattern changes when we use The Method to free our energy from negative anticipation .

We then turn adversity to our advantage by withdrawing our energy from the feelings of anxiety, dread and despair as circumstances trigger them off. This permits that freed up energy to send us into a higher level of joy than we have ever known, and in that joy our positive anticipation soars higher than ever, with all the benefits that brings.

Just knowing or believing that feelings of positive anticipation are preferable to feelings of negative anticipation does little or nothing to help us actually feel any better. In fact, it can cause us to feel worse if we understand the negative consequences of negative anticipation.

Now that we have The Method, we can apply what we know. We can turn those circumstances that used to bring us down into spring boards that send us up to a higher level of feeling and functioning than we have ever experienced, and witness our lives reflecting our higher peak of positivity with circumstances that reflect, validate and support the wonderful way that we feel.

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