The Method For Feeling Secure

On what condition do you base your feelings of security? A new relationship? A new client? A rave review? A report from your doctor that gives you a clean bill of health? An inspiring song or speech?

You know deep down inside that you really cannot count on these conditions, however much they might hype you into believing in your self for a while. You know, deep down inside, that you are as vulnerable to a complete reversal as you were before you felt all jacked up about your life.

And this subliminal (it may be conscious) feeling of underlying anxiety about your unchanged susceptibility to whatever you fear life can do or take from you has its consequences. For one thing, it diminishes your joy and appreciation of what appears to be working out for you. But an even more important consequence has to do with the law or principle of reflection.

According to this law, the contents of your consciousness bring about their reflection in your physical circumstances. This means that to the degree that you feel insecure, to that degree you find yourself in situations that trigger your insecurity. So even when you find yourself in a moment of triumph, that triumph is in the process of collapsing, forcing you to face circumstances that make your fear undeniable.

The solution to this revolving wheel that alternates triumph with disaster is to release your power of unconditional security. This power is a natural expression of who you truly are. You are essentially unlimited in your ability to calmly, even joyfully, get through anything essentially unscathed. It is only your limiting beliefs about what you are capable of that keep you feeling scared.

We learned these limiting beliefs in early childhood, and we can un-learn them. As we do, feeling unconditionally secure does not require convincing ourselves of a new fact about ourselves. It is not about practicing a new attitude or carrying ourselves in this or that way to manipulate ourselves into feeling secure.

It is about releasing yourself from all efforts to change or manipulate your feelings. Your authentic state feels completely secure at all times. To release it involves releasing your identification with any false, limiting belief about you that causes you to feel insecure and dependent upon any condition at all happening in your life.

Based on the law of reflection, the more desperately you pray for abundance, or for healing, or for loving companionship the more you are actually pushing those conditions away. The underlying desperation stands in the way. We can interpret the Biblical statement, “By your faith are you healed” to be consistent with this.

Real faith is based on experiential knowledge of your true self. When you really know your self you know no fear, so the key that releases us from the prison of insecurity is not achieving this or that life-condition, like a fat nest-egg or another lover in your back pocket to call up just in case your present one leaves you flat. It’s not about making sure your child does his homework or your client shows up on time. It’s not about what happens in the stock market or what the Weather Channel says. It’s not about whether black or red shows up on the roulette wheel. It is about gaining freedom from being emotionally dependent upon any of these things happening, or their like.

The question is, then, how do we realize who we truly are? The Method is one answer to this question.

When you feel anything but peace, love, joy, security, inspiration or fulfillment you are experiencing the presence of insecurity or fear within you. Feelings like anger, resentment, anxiety, discouragement and disappointment indicate, therefore, that you are reacting – not to your circumstances – but to a false, limited belief about your self.

Through the use of The Method, you draw power out of those limiting beliefs and the feelings of insecurity that come from them, allowing you to feel truly safe and secure through and through.

As a result, your circumstances will reflect how you feel with an abundance of supply in all areas of your life on a consistently expanding basis.

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