The Method For Finally Receiving What You Want

If you are not receiving what you have been wanting, it is because there are unwanted aspects that you are associating with getting what you want.

For instance, one individual lost his well-paying sales position and felt distressed about the lack of money coming in. He very much wanted to find another job, but he was running into resistance, which meant that on some level he was feeling resistant.

When we looked for the underlying belief that caused that resistant feeling and its manifestation of him finding no job opportunity, we saw it clearly. During his layoff he had been doing what he loved: creating beautiful sculptures, which he had largely put on hold when he had that job. As much as he wanted that regular paycheck, his resistance was based on his belief that it would cost him his inspiration which he was no longer willing to forfeit.

We will look at the solution to his financial challenge in a moment. Let’s first look at another example.

A woman had been wanting to be in an intimate relationship for decades, but things never progressed beyond the superficial dating level. She complained that the right kind of guy was not showing up, but that is just a symptom of a feeling of resistance. When we looked at the underlying belief that caused her resistance she realized that she associated being close with someone with losing her freedom to be herself.

Another woman felt frustrated by the stall in her physical healing. She came to recognize that she associated a full recovery with losing the attention and care that she had been receiving from her family in her condition of dependency.

In another case, a corporate consultant landed an assignment with a company that was paying the most money he had ever made, and doing so on a long-term, consistent basis. As an independent professional, for the first time in his career he was enjoying a situation in which he could count on receiving a substantial amount of income every single month and loved it. But there was a problem. While the company was paying him extremely well, he felt that the work he was doing wasn’t really making that much of a contribution. In fact the was feeling irrelevant, and that made him feel out of integrity to remain engaged with that company. He ended up sabotaging that situation.

He looked for another lucrative assignment to replace what he had lost, and came up empty; another symptom of feelings of resistance. He believed that what he had to offer was really not that valuable.

The consultant felt the sense of being in integrity. The woman who felt blocked in her physical recovery desired the nurturing her state of dependency was providing. The woman who wanted a relationship felt the freedom to be herself. The out of work sales professional was relishing the opportunity to spend so much time in the energy of inspiration that his sculpting gave him.

If you are experiencing a delay in receiving something that you want, it is because there is something you want even more from what you currently have. By releasing the belief that that getting what you want must cost you something you value even more, you find that you really can integrate the two.

Though the use of The Method, you can quickly identify and release the internal blocks to receiving what you want, so you can integrate all of the aspects that satisfy and inspire you. This releases both your internal and external resistance to finally receiving what you want.

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