The Method For Reclaiming The Power Of Your Self-Value

We all have an intrinsic need to feel that who we are and what we have to offer is intrinsically valuable.

When you feel secure in your sense of self-value you feel empowered and inspired to take massive action on your behalf. You find your relationships with others reflecting that positive way that you feel about yourself by demonstrating loving appreciation for you and for what you have to offer.

The pain of feeling deeply de-valued is devastating. It immobilizes us, draining from us of the energy to take action on our own behalf. We can sink so low in it that we lose the will to go on living. So not just our ability to thrive, but our ability to survive, depends upon our feeling valued.

Because our relationships with others are reflections of our relationship with ourselves, feeling valueless (as opposed to feeling priceless) means that you find yourself in relationships with people who express little or no value for you, despite your continuing, grueling efforts to prove your worth to them.  They disregard your feelings, treat your contributions with dismissiveness, and show no appreciation for who you are and for what you have to offer.  

No matter how much you complain to them about this brutal treatment that you are receiving from them, and no matter how hard you struggle to meet their expectations, you must continue to receive this kind of treatment from them as long as the real cause of the problem remains unattended to.

That real cause is your own insecure feelings about your worth, caused by your negative judgment of yourself.

Most people operate on the false belief that they are feeling devalued because of the treatment from others that they are receiving. The reverse is what is true.

Until they change how they feel about themselves they will feel most strongly attracted to individuals and groups who treat them as unworthy of their high regard.

This attraction is based on the false – usually unconscious – belief that they must secure the approval, acceptance and appreciation of others to feel secure about their value. Here again, the reverse is what is true. Your ability to feel a deeply secure sense of your precious value is entirely dependent upon you alone.

The path to reclaiming the power of self-value begins with opening yoursellf to really feel how you feel about yourself deep down inside. You can then withdraw energy from feelings of no-self-worth, which is based on a false belief about yourself – and expriencce the realization of your true, absolute worthiness. (I’ll talk about The Method for achieving this in a moment.)

As you make this shift you find yourself filled with the joy of loving your life and feel free, inspired and empowered to spring into action that you intuitively sense will be of benefit to you and to evryone else.

You also find that those people who had been treating you with disregard either shift into more appreciative ways of relating to you, or they fade from your life, or their barbs have absolutely no impact upon you.

You also find yourself feeling attracted to relationships with people who demonstrate sincere appreciation for you and for your gifts; and you find yourself feeling un-attracted to people who cannot show real value for the real you.

Now about The Method. It’s a simple, incredibly effective means for quickly withdrawing energy from those false beliefs and painful emotional patterns that rob you of self-value, lock you into immobilization, and seem to entrap you in pain-filled relationships.

Through The Method the negative self-judgment and painful feelings of self-devaluation are dissolved, and the power and joy of your absolute self-value are reclaimed.

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