The Method For Losing Dependency

Feeling dependent is no fun. It makes us feel weak, helpless and inadequate. It makes us look up to others and down upon ourselves.

Whether you are depending upon others for your approval or for your financial abundance and security; whether you are counting on circumstances to turn out a particular way or fearing a way that they might turn out; depending upon anyone or anything outside of you leaves you feeling a sense of lost self-value, let-down and depletion.

In contrast, depending upon your inner source works.

You have one source, and it is within. When you relate to another person as your source you cause that person to feel forced, controlled and taken in by you, which really drives that person away from you. In other words, you are giving that person too much responsibility for you for him or her to possibly fulfill. Or you give that person too much power over you.

The challenge here is that we don’t always recognize when this is happening. We believe that others are responsible for our feelings of being valued, successful, secure, powerful, in control and happy without even realizing it.

For instance, when a parent becomes frustrated with his child’s behavior, or even worried about what will happen to his child in the future, that parent is relating to his child as his source. When a spouse becomes resentful or jealous in reaction to the behavior of his spouse, the upset spouse is relating to his “better half” as his source.

When a person feels insecure about finances, hoping that a job opportunity follows an interview or that a check arrives on time in the mail, that person is counting on those externals as his source.

Counting on anything other than your inner source as your source for all of the good things in life inevitably leads to a let-down.

Whether you are a sales person hoping for a deal to come through during your next call, or an employer hoping that your team will come through for you on an important project, that hope must lead to hopelessness, sooner or later.

The only “thing” we can count on is our own inner source. By counting on that source with trust and faith we permit it to bring to us all of the best things in life, including the best people, the best professional opportunities, the best health, the best outcomes, the best everything.

Your inner source comes through for you through the channel of your thoughts and your feelings. The feelings being referred to here are your emotional states like joy, love and self-worth; your feelings of desire and intention; and your feelings of physical sensation that you can imagine. As you align all of these with the fulfillment of your ultimate desires you are relying on the one source that can, must and always will come through for you.

Another word for this source is “God”, if we define God as the inner Power of infinite love and wisdom that is always on your side. As we enter into a thought and feeling state of alignment with this Power we find our lives aglow with increasing demonstrations of perfection.

We achieve this alignment by opening our feelings to this source and trusting in it all the way; not by dictating to it what it should and should not do for us or to us.

As we trust that only our best can come through reliance upon and trust in our true inner source, we find that source coming through for us and never letting us down.

We are perfectly supported when we depend upon our internal source coming through for us in the best, albeit inconceivable, way.

Just knowing and understanding this crucial fact of life is not necessarily enough to reallylivethe truth of it. Sometimes, our emotional state of dependency is so deeply rooted that we cannot seem to help ourselves from counting on what and on whom we really cannot count on, and so find ourselves feeling hurt, disappointed, betrayed and defeated over and over again.

Here is where The Method comes in. Using The Method we clearly identify what and whom we are depending upon, as well as the image of a weak and dependent self that causes us to depend on externals.

From there we release our false dependence and our belief in a dependent self-image and find ourselves free to fully trust in and align with the fabulous flow of our inner source, and thus experience the expansion of a joyful life of perfection blossoming in our experience.

Are you tired of struggling with issues of dependency? Tired of feeling let-down, set-up, hung up and stressfully strung out?

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