The Method For Freeing Joy From Pain

Painful emotions are like painful electric shocks that you instinctively want to avoid. And yet, the power of electricity can be harnessed to produce positive conditions like heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Using The Method you can redirect the power in painful emotion into your experience pure joy.  Until you redirect that power it remains locked in a pain producing pattern. 

Think of your emotional feelings as containers of power.  The stronger the emotion the more power it contains.  The more powerful your emotional pain, the more powerful the joy you can experience by liberating your power from that pain.

When you liberate your energy from your emotional pain, the pain dissolves and you experience a complete state of joy that makes it seem like the pain never existed.  Joy is the pure, natural expression of your energy.  Emotional pain states like insecurity, sorrow and anger create a kind of encasement that blocks your natural energy flow.

It is essential to release all of your energy from emotional pain to experience the infinite joy that you desire and that is possible for you.  Your joy is your power to create whatever you desire.  The more joy you experience the more your life’s circumstances conform to your deepest desires with a minimum of personal effort.

Your painful emotional reactions divert the flow of your energy from joy.  Using The Method dissolves your emotional pain by releasing the priceless joy-power that it diverts. 

When a painful emotion arises, like feelings of jealousy or loss, you are receiving an invitation to release and experience more joy.  The very situations that trigger your emotional pain, which you would ordinarily resist, you can now accept with the understanding that they offer you the opportunity for more joy.

Your painful emotional states are automatic, learned reactions to appearances and to pre-programed false beliefs.  They remain lodged in your unconscious until an event or a thought occurs that triggers them.  If you use The Method to dissolve your pain, you not only release the complete state of joy that it contains.  You also release some level of that unconscious pattern.  This means that the next time a similar event occurs, you will be less reactive to it, or completely free of any pain-producing thought or emotion in the face of it.  

There is no telling how many levels of emotional pain reaction patterns exist in your unconscious.  This is why the joy you experience following your first use of The Method does not mean that you are now free from any future experiences of emotional pain.  When you get triggered again, use The Method again. 

No matter how deep your pain, including the feeling that you don’t want to live, open up to it fully and then proceed through the remaining steps of The Method.  Use The Method to dissolve the pain of a craving to indulge in an addiction.  Use The Method to dissolve your feelings of loneliness, of not mattering, of there being no point to your existence.  Use The Method to gain release from every painful emotional state that you want out of and in time you will find your joy and inner peace more and more continuous, deep and strong. 

You will lose your fear of whatever life might deliver to you, because you will not be afraid of any emotional pain that you might have to face.  You will have a tool, a means, for finding your way through whatever emotional pain you feel into more joy and peace than you have ever known.  

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