The Method For Limitless Possibilities

Anything is possible right where you are. It is only your limiting beliefs that limit your expectation of perfection’s infinite potentiality.

Painful feelings of emotional loss are based on emotional attachment to imaginary, passing conditions. The pain is telling you to let go of the world of illusion and to cease giving credence to your imaginary tragedies.  The longer you live in this pain-producing dream the more tragedy it seems to manifest in your circumstances, another way that the Divine Love that runs the universe is telling you: “let go of the imaginary and wake up to reality.”

Nothing but perfection heads your way, but if you focus on your imaginary losses you miss the real opportunities that constantly open for you.  Our experiences of painful emotional loss incite us to go deeper and deeper into our awakening to the real perfection that is forever expanding in our lives.

This same understanding applies to all experiences of annoyance, frustration and impatience; to all experiences of insecurity, worry and fear; to all experiences of anger, blame and resentment.  There is nothing going wrong.  You have just gotten swept up in habitual emotional reactions based on the false belief that anything but perfection is happening or can ever be happening.  As long as you live in the thoughts in your head, though, and treat those as reality – rather than as mental projections of reality – your liberation from painful emotions seems unrealistic, unnatural and even impossible.

What you give your attention to you give your power to.  Withdrawing your attention from the thoughts that fuel your feelings of loss and every other emotional pain and focusing on the feeling of the infinite potentiality of every present moment empowers your experience of unconditional joy.

When you are ready to experience this liberation, use The Method.

Using The Method reveals the deeper, previously concealed dimensions of our relationship with painful emotion. To your amazement will see that you actually want to feel your painful emotional states.  Until you pay close enough attention to how you feel, though, it seems that your circumstances force you to feel what you don’t want to feel.

The Method addresses our urge to feel our pain, as the first step of The Method is to feel your pain as fully and consciously as you can, for as long as you want to.  When you feel ready to experience your liberation from emotional pain, to feel the pure joy of experiencing the perfect beauty of Divine Love that provides unlimited positive possibilities for your life, you can then move on to step 2 of The Method, and then continue at your own pace from there.

Feelings of sadness, disappointment and discouragement indicate that you have slipped into limited possibility thinking, imagining that the best you can experience is less than all you really want.

It is the nature of your experience of reality to conform with your desires and beliefs.  The instant that you become aware of an experience that you desire, Divine Love sets the forces of creation into motion aimed at producing that experience for you.  It is just a matter of time before you experience it.  How much time?  That depends upon how much fearful, negative emotion and thinking you engage in along the way, because those put up barriers to the flow of life’s fulfillment of your desire.

As you live more and more consistently in the joy and freedom that your heart desires now, you live true to yourself and your desires manifest with seemingly effortless ease, in miraculous and unexpected ways.

Any limits to the beauty you can experience in life are experienced as real to the extent that you believe in them.  To let go of those beliefs, face them and feel all of the painful feelings associated with them.  Then proceed through the rest of the steps of The Method to get free.

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