The Method For Love

“Love is nature’s way of giving a reason to be living.”  Paul Webster

The true nature of all of your relationships is universal, unconditional love. Perfect, infinite love characterizes the way the universe as a whole, including every individual aspect of the universe, interacts with itself.  The truth is that existence absolutely loves you and you absolutely love existence.  But what if you don’t feel this?

When you define the way that love needs to express itself you cause yourself to feel unloved and unloving whenever anything else happens. There is no other cause for your experience of a lack of love than how you choose to define what happens to you. If you trust and accept that perfect love is expressed by whatever happens, and look for how love is being expressed, then you begin to see and experience love as the basic quality of energy or power animating all that is.

How would you feel if you knew that nothing but love ever happens? Every rain drop, every traffic sound, every smell (including the stinkiest), every moment, is how you are being loved. When you look for the love within the event you will find it. While washing the dishes, see how the water pouring through your faucet is an expression of love for you. See how the soap that cleans, the towel that dries, the shelving that holds your dishes is all serving you. If you first trust that love is indeed right here, right now, and look for how this moment expresses love for you, you will receive that love in your conscious experience.

It’s not easy to trust that love is all there is when you have been programmed to judge experiences and people as less than loving when they act in certain ways, or fail to act in certain ways. You automatically presume that something you find annoying is wrong or bad, is less than unloving Then you rationalize why you feel that way and before you know it you believe there is no other way to feel.

You open yourself to a more loving experience of life when you accept that love is defined by whatever happens. The universe speaks the language of love with every event that takes place. If you feel unloved you are misinterpreting the event. If you felt unloved by one of your parents you are interpreting that parent’s behavior in an unloving way, and thus, you are punishing yourself in response to it. Just because someone appears to ignore you does not mean that you are not being loved by that person. Even if someone physically abused you, you do not have to interpret that as a demonstration of a lack of love for you. This does not mean that your body does not ache or was not harmed from the blows you received; but you need not suffer the deeper pain of feeling unloved.

You are being perfectly loved by the sky, even when it is gray, by the trees, even when they are bare, by the random person jogging outside your window. If you think that you do not matter to the sky, the tree and the jogger, you are thinking yourself right out of love. If you take the time and make the effort to look for the infinite ways that you are being loved, served, and blessed right here where you are, you will find an endless supply of love flowing to you, even in those events that you used to despise.

All you have to do is protect yourself from your own unloving thoughts. Practice with the small things and you will find it easier and easier to experience love flowing to you continuously, automatically, even in the most difficult times, like when someone you love seems to relate to you as if you do not matter. If you interpret that to mean that person does not love you, if you feel unloved in response to the appearance of that person’s behavior, discard that thought. Thinking that thought is all that is you causing you to feel unloved. You are depriving yourself of love.

Direct the focus of your attention to all the blessings coming your way right now to receive the infinite ways that you are loved in this moment.

Nothing but perfect love can happen, so have nothing to worry about and nothing to regret. If you are worried about the future or feeling badly about the past, it is because you are allowing your thoughts to present you with an unloving interpretation.  Expect no situations that do not feel loving, supportive and safe. Reflect on no past episodes that cause you to feel unloved. Only love can happen.

Look around you right now. Notice how the book on your coffee table is an expression of love for you, how the shoes on your feel are serving, protecting and comforting you, how the light by which you read these words is functioning on your behalf. Focus enough attention on the loving nature of the universe until all you see is love.  Don’t fear living in love. It’s all you truly long for.

The greatest fear we have in life is the fear of being unloved. When you feel unloved you feel no reason to be alive. Love is a nurturing force. Since love is the true nature of reality, we must go into our imagination to experience anything but being totally loved in and by the present moment. If you focus on self-critical thinking you lose love for yourself. But if you focus on how you are a blessing to you, your love for you grows. If someone you want in your life leaves you, what you fear is the imaginary condition of being without love. If you look for the infinite number of ways you are loved right now, though, you will lose your fear and experience all the love you can long for. Living in love is nothing but a choice.

If you feel trapped and powerless to escape the pain of feeling unloved, use The Method. The Method is a gift of love given to us by the universe. It frees us from the imaginary world where love is lacking, a world that we habitually enter when certain events trigger us to interpret love as absent. When we use The Method to extricate ourselves from that imaginary world, we feel the bliss of love. At the same time, we are also weakening the automatic tendency to leave the reality of all-encompassing love that we are always really living in.

In reality you cannot be anything but loved and you are being your true self only when you feel totally loved and loving. When you feel unloving, you feel uncomfortable, to say the least, and that is a sign that you are not being true to yourself. You are clashing with who you truly are. The feeling of inner harmony signals your alignment of self-expression with your true self.

Of course, you can misuse your power of reason to prove to yourself how something that happens is unloving, but why would you want to do that? The only benefit this experience offers is the pain that is teaching you to stay clear of doing that to yourself.

Since your life circumstances manifest in ways that are consistent with your thoughts and feelings, the more you see and feel your life as an experience love, the more your circumstances make that fact obvious and apparent. It will seem that other people begin treating you with more kindness, more care and more consideration. Even animals will relate with you in more loving ways, because they will feel more safety and love in your presence. Flowers will bloom more vibrantly around you. The universe will perform all sorts of miracles for you to confirm just how infinitely loved you are. All of this takes place because apparent circumstances are really nothing more than exact reflections of our inner conditions of thought and feeling.

To dwell in the loving nature of the universe is really expressing love for yourself, because you are allowing yourself to receive the one “thing” you crave, desire and need more than anything else: the knowledge of being totally loved just the way you are. The universe is actually a perfectly loving system that treasures you and provides you with totally caring, abundant support.

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