The Method For Joyful Awakening

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in joy every morning? There is nothing preventing you from feeling this way but your habitual emotional reactions and thoughts.

Your false beliefs and imagination are all that produces your unhappiness and unwanted circumstances.

Thought is so powerful. It has the power to produce for us an entirely false picture of reality that we believe in with absolute certainty. It convinces us that something is going wrong; that anything can go wrong.

And yet, the reality of perfection includes the fact that nothing but perfection ever happens and that no person or situation has the power to hurt you or limit your good in any way, to any degree.

It is only imagining and believing in the existance of a power working against you that creates your experience of opposition, frustration, loss, fear and disappointment.

Thinking of a situation as inferior or inadequate compared to any other possibility places you the painful illusion imperfection’s existence. 

Thinking that someone has the power to hurt you and believing that thought to be true is all that pits you fearfully against that person’s free will.   

How joyful you feel when you awaken from the dreams of thought to realize that there is only one power, and that it is your power, and this one power is absolute love.  This is the joy of your liberation from the false belief that you need what you donโ€™t have, or that you would be better off with what is absent. It is the joy of realizing that nothing but perfection is happening; nothing but perfection lies up ahead.    

This one power has been working 100% for you all along, though you hid this fact from yourself with misleading thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that made you feel badly about yourself and your situations.

Now it is time for you to wake up from the dream of there being more than one power, of powers in conflict, of there being any real threats, of anyone or any situation with the power to thwart your interests or work against you in any way. Using The Method achieves this joyful awakening.

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