The Method For Thought-Mastery

Thought is a marvelously creative power.  Imagine someone whom you feel strongly attracted to being in love with you, and if you believe in that thought, even if you are deluding yourself you feel the uplifting thrills that go with that belief.  

Think about achieving a dream that you cherish, with the belief that your expectation is correct, and even if you are actually heading for a disappointment, you feel the tremendous exhilaration of triumph while that thought lasts. 

Thought has the power to blind us from reality!  Thinking about something and believing it to be true does not necessarily make it true, but it does prevent you from seeing the truth.  

Think about your problems in ways that make them seem too complex, and even though you can actually get through them with simple, easy actions, you feel overwhelmed, powerless, and maybe even doomed.  Think about failing, even though you are actually on the road to higher success, and you feel the fear, disappointment and shame of failure.

Treating thoughts as automatically true is very dangerous.  We need to recognize thoughts as nothing but imaginary projections rather than as windows into reality. We need to master the power of thought in order to make positive use of it, and The Method makes this possible.

Thought is creative in the sense that it shapes the trend of our circumstances.  When you think about what you want, your life begins materializing conditions that progressively approximate that thought.  However, thinking about your circumstances as wrong, bad or lacking in any way causes your life to move toward the manifestation of unwanted conditions. 

You do not have to think about how life as perfect to experience its perfection.  Its perfection is real whether you think it is or not.  In fact, the more you rely upon your thoughts to determine your feelings about life the more your thought prevents you from experiencing the reality of your life’s perfection.

Thought blocks our direct experience of the perfection of life and thus robs us of our true, intrinsic, unconditional joy. To base your happiness on thought is to base it on the appearance of circumstances, which must always fluctuate, alternating between opposites.  If you are happy about getting a raise you will be unhappy about receiving an unexpected bill.  The reality is that you are always in the flow of unlimited abundance, but you block out that reality from your conscious experience by making your happiness conditional and thought-based. 

It doesn’t matter how your circumstances look.  If you have any preference at all about the way things go you set yourself up for inevitable disappointment and prevent yourself from experiencing the ever-present perfection of every present moment.

Instead of living in thought, live in your feelings.  Joy is a feeling that you can choose to live in by focusing on it.  If you think about your circumstances to find your source of security and happiness, your ever-changing and out-of-control circumstances dictate how you feel.

Notice how often you allow your mind to make you miserable!   Use the following exercise to help you gain freedom from the thoughts that blind you to life’s perfection and bring you down emotionally.  All day, every day, examine each thought that enters your mind.  If you answer “yes” to any of the following 10 questions about it, reject that thought!

Does this thought cause me to feel:

  • Sad, depressed, lonely, or hopeless?
  • Angry, bitter or unforgiving?
  • Shame or self-doubt?
  • Anxiety, fear or even terror?
  • Needy, dependent, inadequate or inferior?
  • Overwhelmed, over-powered, outdone or taken advantage of?
  • Unloved, unworthy, unimportant or insignificant?
  • Rejected, dismissed, devalued or abandoned?

Does this thought:

  • Replay a painful memory or contemplate a humiliating future?
  • Block my feelings of peaceful safety and joyful delight?

If you find that you cannot instantly and easily drop thoughts that are described by any of the above ten questions, use The Method to get free.  The Method will help you live in your feelings instead of in your thoughts and only your feelings can guide you along the path of joy into the life greater than your wildest dreams.

Thought is not all bad. Thought has a purpose or it wouldn’t exist.  It is a power that we need to master.

We can use thought to create conditions we want.  When you think deliberately about what you want in your life, you direct reality to bring that condition about.  But you have to pay close attention to your feelings when you do this.  If you feel a sense of longing, loss or lack, that means that you are imagining and believing yourself to be in imperfect circumstances.  That manifests conditions that seem to validate and reinforce those false and negative beliefs.

When you think inspired thoughts of positive possibility from a joyful state of empowerment and decisiveness, your thought becomes a potent creative force that directs the universe to manifest conditions in your life consistent with that thought.

We misuse thought when we try to use it to solve our problems.  If you feel anxious about your finances, for instance, and begin thinking of ways to get out of that problem you find the problem worsening.  If you let go of thought and entrust your life to the feeling of joyful freedom and abundance in the present moment you find yourself receiving ideas that lead you along the joyful path of financial success.

Instead of trying to solve your problems with thought, use The Method to experience your joyful state of liberation in the now.  From there you can create anything you choose.  If you cannot seem to stop thinking about your problems, use The Method to get free.

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