The Method For Letting Go

As long as you believe in your personal power to produce what you want you cannot be guided by Perfect Intelligence and Love along the path to your true fulfillment. You remain confined by your attachments and condemned to your feelings of insecurity. It is only when you lose all hope in the power of holding on that you can fully release yourself to the joy of letting go, entrusting your life to the energy of inner peace, happiness and gratitude that ensues and expands in your state of inner freedom.

The primary โ€œthingโ€ to let go of is every one of your painful stories about your self. Your story of your self being weak, helpless, dependent, wrong, unworthy, unwanted, alone, in lack holds you captive as long as you hold on to your personal power to control circumstances. As you use The Method to dissolve these false, limiting personal stories about your self you release your true identity as an extension of divine, unlimited Being.

Letting go means surrendering to lifeโ€™s flow without a care in the world. How delightful! There is no other way to true joy. All of the striving and struggle we go through to acquire fame and fortune, the good approval of others and the satisfaction of watching an adversary lose โ€“ the fruits of such endeavors pale immeasurably in comparison with the joy of a life fully surrendered, free of anxious hope and free of darkening fear.

Letting go is not irresponsible. It is born of the realization that fulfilling your responsibilities is really beyond your personal power. Your trust in the Greater Power that is in control of your life allows all things to work out perfectly.

Letting go is not inactive. It only appears inactive until the inspiration to act arises from deep within, guided by an intuitive sense that now is the time and this is the deed, without wondering or worrying about the outcome. It is really an act of continual surrender of personal preference beyond the preference to live in the free state of trust in what will be.

To rely on your personal power to do things, to achieve things, to control things, to acquire things is to hold onto your fearful resistance to the Greater Power that really is in charge. It is to resist the Control that isreallyin control. It is to live in denial of the fact of your personal powerlessness in the face of the Infinite Power beyond your control that you know to be true.

Surrender unites you with that Greater Power, empowering you with a sense of invincibility, filling your heart with gladness and gratitude. The sheer pleasure of entrusting your life to the flow, without your imagination clinging to visions of terror, finally gives you all that you really desire, because all you really desire is to experience true freedom, abundance and security without limits.

When you use The Method for letting go, you no longer have to worry and you no longer have to beat your self up. You no longer have to view what happens as a loss, a let down or a failure. You can let go of the fear that tells you that you need to be in control for things to work out and then discover your heart opening to the divine fulfillment of your deepest desires as a life vastly surpassing your greatest dreams unfolds.

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