The Method For Knowing Your Infinite Value

You are of infinite value to the universe. Thus, the universe will always perfectly support and provide for you. If you see yourself as less than infinitely valuable, precious and indispensable, your view is in misalignment with the view of the universe. This misalignment always brings internal feelings of discomfort or pain. Those discordant feelings are your signal, informing you of your misalignment.

Similar to the ways that you would treat something or someone that you treasure beyond measure, so is the universe always treating you.

Your infinite value is connected to your infinite potential to be of service to the universe’s perfect plan. The universe is therefore designed to support your fulfillment of that potential. Your deep desire to be of service for a higher purpose speaks to this special relationship between you and the universe.

The universe will always guide you perfectly along the path of your greater fulfillment of your infinite potential. As you follow this path you feel that you are feeding the hunger of your heart’s true and deepest desire. That feeling in your heart is your signal that you are following the path of your true purpose and taking full advantage of the infinite support that the universe is offering you.

When you contemplate personal problems that cause feelings of internal upset within you, your mind is presenting you with blockages that inhibit your smooth flow along the path of your true purpose. You are trying to take care of yourself instead of letting the universe take care of you. An analogy for this might be a seed planted in the fertile soil of the earth that resists the actions of the soil upon it, insisting to grow itself. It is the soil’s purpose to nurture the seed and produce its ultimate potential. Similarly, it is the universe’s purpose to nurture, care for and support your flowering into your ultimate potential. We can define an integral aspect of true wisdom as learning how to trust and allow the universe to take perfect care of you.

When you feel that you are being mistreated by others, or that you are being treated as less than infinitely valuable by another, you are causing yourself that unhappiness through your misaligned perspective. It is actually impossible for you to be treated as less than sacred, less than perfect, less than absolutely indispensable. You must go into your imagination to produce any lesser condition for yourself. The pain that follows this is meant to alert you that you are drifting off course, leaving the experience of what is really happening by entering an imaginary situation that feels imperfect.

When you relate to yourself as sacred you are aligning your perspective with the perspective of the universe, and will begin to feel harmony within as a result. When you feel valued by you, no one can make you feel de-valued. Since the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, you will find others treating you as no more and no less valuable than the value expressed by your treatment of yourself.

If you are feeling devalued by others, you are experiencing the outer reflection of your inner state of devaluing yourself. The remedy is to shift the focus of your attention from the idea of others treating you as less than valuable into the feeling of being infinitely valued by yourself and by the universe. This must produce experiences in which you receive demonstrations of higher value from others, as your whole life becomes an emblem of higher value. In other words, you will find others treating you with more consideration and care and expressing a stronger desire to be in relationship with you. At the same time, you will find circumstances in your life manifesting in forms of higher value, like more abundance, more beautiful surroundings, more loving and accomplished people, higher quality goods and services, etc.

How we relate with others is, essentially, how we relate with ourselves. Therefore, when you relate to another person, or even to an object or to a situation, as less than perfect, as less than infinitely valuable, you are sending that devaluing energy into yourself. The universe sees all as perfect and infinitely valuable. A perfect universe cannot produce or be occupied by anything less than perfect. When you see another as flawed or as less than worthy of your highest respect, appreciation and love, you are out of alignment with the perspective of the universe, and thus, causing yourself pain.

The universe is one perfect, infinitely valuable system and we are all part of that system. This is our oneness. To relate to anything or anyone as less than perfect, as less than infinitely valuable, is to, in a sense, step out of the universe into an imaginary world of our own making. We are free to do this, but we are not free to escape the painful consequences of that choice. Those consequences are also perfect, because they are leading us back to the perspective that brings us the most joy.

We must remain ever vigilant to recognize when our perspective is drifting into negativity, drifting outside the parameters of the true perfection of all that is. The perfection or infinite value of any person or situation is not something that we can intellectually grasp. It is a feeling in our heart, a feeling of love, gratitude and awe; the feeling you experience when you feel infinitely valued, treasured, beheld and beloved as precious, sacred and perfect in every way.

Since our earliest childhood most of us have been programmed to see ourselves, others, events and the universe as less than perfect, as less than infinitely valuable. This learned perspective became habitual and the habit strengthened every time that we repeated it. It was so deeply rooted that we never questioned it; we related to it as truth. This condition continued until today it may seem impossible to believe that you and everyone else and all that can ever happen to you are truly perfect. This is where The Method comes in. The Method is a means of withdrawing energy and identification from imaginary perspectives that give you the experience of being devalued and unworthy of love and that cause you to worry about what is going to happen to you. Using The Method to dispel feelings of anxiety and negative, disparaging judgments frees your energy from feeding those painful conditions, allowing that freed energy to flow into alignment with the universe’s perfect loving care, liberating your joy.

Your gifts and talents (those forms of self-expression that you love engaging in) fulfill your potential to be of infinite value to the universe. The universe is so designed that you were designed with gifts and talents particular to the needs of the universe’s perfect plan for you, for everyone, for its own cosmic entirety. As you develop and rely on gifts and talents you experience the joy of doing so, which is your sign of being in alignment with your perfect purpose.

You are meant to feel what you love to feel and to do what you love to do. As a result you experience the universe’s support that enables you to give more of yourself, to be more of yourself, to express and experience more of your infinite value.

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