The Method For Living, Working And Succeeding With Joy

Joy is the feeling of your natural energy. The discomfort of feeling less than fully joyful signals the unnaturalness of any feeling that is less than joyful. Thus, when you are not feeling joy it is because you are not being natural, you are blocking your authenticity. We do this out of fear, because we were programmed to distrust joy as optimal feeling condition.

We were taught since early childhood to count on stress, anguish, forcing, struggling to get our needs met. We were taught to be unnatural, and this is exhibited by the current state of conflict between how humans live and the natural environment. When you live naturally you cannot help but function in a way that honors and supports the sacred gift of love that is nature, upon which our lives depend.

If and when you are not feeling joyful you are encountering a reaction-pattern within you that blocks your joy. Joy is not produced by outer circumstances, nor is it diminished or blocked by outer circumstances. It occurs as you release your internal resistance to it regardless of how your circumstances appear. It is how you really feel all the time. Feeling joy is how you know when you are being truly yourself.

Joy is your response to recognizing how the universe actually works, to recognizing the true nature of reality, the Divine, the One Power that gives you existence and rules your life. It is the feeling of your realization that nothing can ever really go wrong, that there is nothing to worry about, that you exist in an infinite field of Perfect Love always.

We cannot arrive at true joy intellectually. In fact, we need to suspend our intellectualization to feel joy’s flow. If you think of reasons to feel joy, you will find them, and this can help you to feel it. But to fully experience joy’s flow you need to let go of thought and focus entirely on the harmonious way you feel deep down inside. What you hold attention on grows more powerful.

Joy = Energy

Joy = Energy: the more joyful you feel the more energy you have working through you, and thus, the more power you have to work with. Joyful energy in and of itself creates conditions of harmony in your life; it causes the materialization of all that you desire. There is nothing more important that how much joy you feel, and no more important form of “work” than to release more joy from within you. There is no limit to how much joy you can experience.

The feeling of joy attunes you to perfection and causes your circumstances to reflect that attunement with improvements in every area of your life. Joy causes the manifestation of what you desire; sorrow causes the opposite.

If you use your rational mind to justify feelings of sorrow, you can make yourself feel inescapably sad. People do this every day when they make excuses for feeling less than joyful. They say, “I’m sad because I lost someone I love” or “I’m frightened because my bank account has a zero balance” or “I’m angry because he lied to me”, etc., etc., etc. None of these excuses have any truth to them. You are sad, scared or angry because you are resisting the unlimited flow of joy that is currently available to you, and bolstering that resistance by giving yourself logical reasons to feel unhappy.

Our mental and emotional programming runs so deeply that we cannot always make the instant and effortless switch from sorrow to joy. Our habit of resisting joy and mentally justifying it has its roots in early childhood when our mental and emotional programs were formed. Once we make the decision that we want to live in unconditional joy we need to find a way to dislodge those deeply seeded patterns. The Method is a fast-working, amazingly effective way of doing this.

Using The Method, we not only free ourselves from the thought, emotion, desire reaction within us that resists our natural state of joy. We grow more internally self-aware, to the point that we can actually see ourselves resisting joy. Seeing this happening enables us to relax our resistance and trust our joy song to see us through whatever life-difficulty we may be facing.

Ironically, many of us begin resisting our joy when we start going after goals or working on making improvements to our self or to our life. Most of us were raised with the false, limiting belief that we must earn a right to be happy by first fulfilling our obligations, making a certain amount of money, and taking care of others.

The toll of this false programming is staggering. Think of all of the misery in workplaces, the fights over money dividing families, the drug and alcohol abuse resulting from the drive to numb the pain of a joyless daily grind.

When you subtract the energy of joy from your present moment, that moment feels draining and painful.  We can’t wait to get it over with, even though it may be our final moment. We have unlimited opportunities for true joy in the now, but we turn our backs on that opportunity based on the false belief that it is necessary to do so.

As you find and pursue ways to do what you love for a living, and to love all that you do, you live and work in joy and find the universe fully supporting you with abundance. Your joy magnifies the good you are doing and causes more joy to emanate in the life-experiences of others.

If you experience the sense that you have too little time for yourself, look for the belief that causes this. Then, let go of that belief and open your mind to the infinite capacity of your creativity. You can find your joyful way if you look for it. Using The Method to dissolve feelings of joylessness gives you a major head start.

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