Living The Method

The Method For Derailing Your Detractors

When people relate to you in ways that cause you to feel devalued, disrespected, unappreciated or diminished in stature, it is tempting to become defensive and offensive in reaction, but all this does is reinforce the underlying insecurity within you that is causing your pain.

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The Method For Proving Joy Works

What if fulfilling your true responsibility meant fully enjoying right now; if it meant deeply relaxing into your present opportunity for peace; if it meant sinking into the pleasure of completely appreciating all there is to appreciate here and now?

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Inner Work Is Real Work

To the extent that you feel dissatisfied with your life you have INNER work to do. While most believe they need to make outer changes to bring them the feeling of satisfaction that they desire, the reality is: if you feel dissatisfied where you are you will feel dissatisfied where you are going.

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Lyrical Wisdoms

Monitor your consciousness.
Notice every wave of feeling.
Notice every thought as thought.
Fear is unfounded
Relative to your True Self.

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