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The Method for Feeling Better

I know this sounds illogical, but you choose and want to feel however you feel. Whether you feel overjoyed at news you were looking forward to, or grief, loneliness or even agonizing despair, you are creating the situation the causes you to feel those emotions.

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Trust Joy

Joy is what you want, joy at the deepest level of your being, the joy of a miracle unfolding in your life. The purpose of thought is to help you to open up to that joy.

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Open the True Source of Your Abundance

The true source of your flow of abundance, in whatever form that abundance may take, exists within you. It exists as a feeling of the energy out-flowing from the core of your being. The human being experiencing abundance is like a fruitful tree.

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The Method for Achieving Spiritual Adulthood

Amidst all of your life’s challenges, from the petty annoyance of dealing with those “difficult” people at home and at work, to the appearance of life’s gravest tragedies, here is a principle that may help you to feel better.

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